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NPR All Things Considered: 'Chrismukkah': Interfaith Families Negotiate A Christmas-Hanukkah Combination

People will call things cultural when they want to make a case for combining them, and they will call them religious when they want to make a case for keeping them separate.
— Samira Mehta

Houston Chronicle: Happy blended holidays: Interfaith families take rituals in new direction

Religion News Service: Interfaith Households and Christian-Jewish Blended Families

What does this mean for the children of these families? How do they grow up?
— Samira Mehta

READING RELIGION: Interview with Samira Mehta, author of Beyond Chrismukkah

New Books Network: Beyond ChrismukkaH


Sexing History: Mixed Blessings - Episode 4

Religion News Service: Samira K. Mehta on Christian-Jewish interfaith families

Samira Mehta: Judaism Unbound - Beyond Chrismukkah

Moving Beyond “Chrismukkah” with Samira Mehta


12 New Books About Contemporary Jewish Identity — All by Women!


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